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ISL online Lean Six Sigma training courses offer high Return on Investment (ROI). Corporate Packages are available to suit new or companies already implemented Lean Sigma.

Lean and Six Sigma are the two most popular initiatives,that a large number of companies across industries and countries are passionately pursuing.

In Lean and six sigma field there is no certification for the organization, unlike other quality approaches, such as ISO-9000, COPC, CMMI and TS-16949.Inspite of this numerouscompanies are adopting Lean Six Sigma for the following reasons:

  • To Successfully implement their strategic business plans
  • Achieving faster and bigger results
  • Many customers require Lean Six Sigma, as part of the supplier selection process.
ISL-online courses and certification are designed to help companies embarking lean six sigma journey.For SME companies, ISL courses are highly useful in adopting Lean or Six Sigma at low cost.Further, our courses help large companies to quickly spread the Lean Sigma over the length and breadth of the organization.

Why Sponsor Employees for Certification?

Lean 6-Sigma certification courses require participants to implement 1 and 2 projects at Green Belt and Black Belt levels respectively.Normally the savings in these projects are many times more than cost of training.Thus the return on investment (ROI) of Lean Six Sigma certifications is very high.Organizations will get back their investment in about 4 6 months. This is the typical time taken for project completion.

By sponsoring employees for the certification, retention can be improved. Typically, completing Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification requires about 2 years. During this period each participant will be doing four projects, which will add to the bottom line of the company.

Corporate Packages

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a company passes through three distinct phases Startup, Growth and Sustain. The training needed in each phase is different and ISL has experience in helping companies in all the three phases. Generally the Startup phase lasts for about 3 6 months,while the Growth phase is for 3 7 years.

ISL offers online training and support.

Our online courses provided multiple options for the corporate clients:

Who can benefit?

ISL corporate sponsorship scheme is useful for a company already into lean six sigma implementation as well as to companies completely new to lean six sigma.

With class-room based teaching, training a large number of people in a short span of time is neither efficient nor possible.Further, it is also difficult to provide project facilitation. Several six sigma companies are now implementing something called digital six sigma which involves providing complete training and project facilitation online.

Small companies can afford to implement lean six sigma initiative,and can in fact reap more benefits from it .To see if it really works, a company can sponsor one just employee and see the results before committing themselves to implementing lean six sigma in a big way.

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