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ISL-Lean Bronze Certification

(Based on the Body-of-Knowledge of SME, USA)


Lean is the term coined by a group of researchers at MIT, USA while they studied Toyota Production System (TPS) as part of an international automotive industry. Lean manufacturing methods have been pioneered, refined and perfected at Toyota Motors, Japan. Lean became associated with a certain business capability - "The ability to accomplish more with less".

Lean manufacturing is a systematic approach for identifying and eliminating waste in operations through continuous improvement for doing everything more efficiently, reducing the cost of operating the system and fulfilling the customer's desire for maximum value at the lowest price.
Lean companies substantially improve their products and services while at the same time reducing waste and corresponding costs.Successful implementation of a lean improves an organization’s marketplace and financial performance. 

Lean efforts are not limited to manufacturing; a lean mindset applies to any process.   Lean techniques can be used to reduce waste and add value to processes in the office, in maintenance, and even in sales and R&D.  In some cases, the impact of a lean approach in the office can be even more dramatic than in manufacturing processes.

Bronze certification is focused on tactical Lean, which is the application of Lean principles, concepts and methods at a local level. You should also have the ability to teach the basic tools of Lean.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the basic concepts, tools and practices of Lean
  • To learn tactical skills for implementing lean at specific process
  • To be able to explain the lean concepts to the team
  • To be able to apply lean principles to different process settings



    This training and certification is delivered completely online. The Learning Management System (LMS) provides following features:

  • Multimedia lecture (Audio lectures with automatic slide transition)
  • Quiz, with correct answers and explanations for the wrong answers. 
  • Discussion forum for engaging in dialogue with other participants.


Course Content

The course is based on Body-of-Knowledge of SME, USA :

  • Origin and Philosophy
    • Mass production vs Lean
    • Muda, Mura, Muri
    • Seven Types of Wastes
    • Value-added Activity
    • Lean Manufacturing House
    • Lean thinking Model

  • Operational Stability
    • Indicators of Stability
    • Strategies for stability
    • Standards and Visual Control
    • 5S, Red-tagging, Spaghetti diagram
    • TPM, Six Big losses, quasi-problems
  • Standard Work
    • Standardization - benefits, pre-requisites, people focus
    • 3 elements of standard work
    • Takt time, work sequence, in-process stock
    • Charts for standardized work - production capacity chart, standardized work combination table, standardized work analysis chart, job element sheet
    • Individual and overall efficiency, manpower reduction
    • kaizen and layouts
  • Just-in-Time
    • Little's law
    • Push system, large lot production
    • Pull system, basics of JIT
    • Continuous Process Flow, one piece flow
    • Push scheduling, Kanban, Pacemaker process,
    • Six Kanban Rules, types of kanbans
    • Conveyance, Hejunka, Changes in demand
    • Types of pull - Type A, B and C
  • Jidoka
    • Autonomation
    • Zero-quality control
    • Types of Inspection - Judgment, Informative, Source, Vertical, horizontal
    • Three aspects of Poka yoke - Actions, Paths and Methods of detection
    • Andon
  • Involvement
    • Goal involvement
    • Types of Kaizen teams - Kaizen Circle Activities, Practical Kaizen Training
    • Roles, Responsibilities of members, facilitators, managers etc.
    • Kaizen Leadership
    • Suggestion scheme - measurement, motivation
    • Problem Solving
  • A3 Problem Solving
    • Introduction
    • Problem Situation
    • Target
    • Theme
    • Cause Analysis
    • Countermeasures
    • Implementation
    • Follow-up

Certification Criteria

ISL-Lean Bronze certification is awarded on completion of the following:

  • Complete 7 learning modules
  • Score 60% or more in quiz at the end of each learning module


Register online at www.isl.co.in and pay Fee Rs 12,360/- (for students in India) and Rs 21,560/- (for students outside India) through Net Banking,UPI,Demand Draft or Cheque (in favour of Institute of Sigma Learning Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad).

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