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Lean Sigma Certifications for working professionals


Individuals with work experience can choose from the following options to accelerate their career growth:

Lean and Six Sigma competencies help working professionals in meeting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – and also achieving them consistently.

  • Faster growth professionally
  • Can change industry and functional area
  • Less chance of losing job, even if the company is downsizing
  • Better chances of getting good jobs
  • Can expect higher salaries and benefits

Six Sigma methodology of problem solving helps in getting breakthrough results in short-term.  Lean approach is powerful in reducing the waste in processes and makes the company competitive in the long term. 
Both Six Sigma and Lean approaches are applied in every functional area – marketing, finance, HR, Supply chain, Operations, Maintenance etc.  Further, professionals working in any industry can benefit from Six Sigma and Lean competencies – Health care, Software, BPO, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance,  Legal etc.  Lean 6 Sigma is very popular in Health care, automobile, financial sectors.
There is a great pressure on improving performance at individual and organizational levels. Individuals are devoting substantial time, effort and money to acquire new competencies,and hence Lean Sigma Competencies – Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt – are in high demand. 

Lean Six Sigma Competencies helps an individual to work more efficiently and deliver better and faster results. Six Sigma and Lean Certified professionals can accelerate their career growth in any organization, as better and faster results are appreciated everywhere, not only Six Sigma Organizations.

In the field of Six Sigma there is no certification for the organization, unlike other quality approaches, such as ISO-9000, COPC, CMMI and TS-16949. Six Sigma certification is available for individuals based on their competencies and these certificates are just as valuable as any university degree.

Furthermore, Six Sigma certification has also attracted the attention of business leaders since Six Sigma is more of a business initiative rather than a quality initiative. It has come to the point that Six Sigma certification is now discussed in business reviews routinely. None of the earlier quality initiatives enjoyed this kind of support from business leaders. 

Another interesting aspect of Lean Sigma certification is that it is universally applicable. Lean Six Sigma certification is in big demand in industries such as manufacturing, services, software, call centers, BPO etc. 

Individuals trained in ISO-9000:2000, SEI-CMMI, COPC, PMP etc can add Lean Sigma certification for better career growth, as Lean Six Sigma certification best fits into the continuous improvement approaches, one of the requirement in all theses quality related approaches.

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