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About ISL

  Institute of Sigma Learning Pvt. Ltd. (ISL) was started with a vision of providing value-added Six Sigma certification programs at a reasonable cost. ISL offers you top quality Six Sigma certification programs that provide you with complete training and consulting services in the field of Six Sigma.

Current activities at ISL include: -
  • Research and development of methodologies, tools, books and software.
  • Creating Awareness about Six Sigma certification programs.
  • Provide Six Sigma certification programs and training programs to the Indian Industry at a reasonable cost.
  • Promote Six Sigma Professionals and cross learning.
These Six Sigma methodologies have been tested in different industries. ISL has conducted eight public programs of Certified Black Belt during 2001 2003.

ISL represents International Quality Federation (IQF), USA (www.iqf.org), in India for their Six Sigma Certification Programs.

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