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Lean 6 Sigma Certifications for Students of Engineering, MBA and MCA


Student pursuing Professional courses - Engineering (B.Tech and M.Tech), MCA, MBA are eligible for the following online courses

Students in professional courses can boost their chances of getting into good companies with international certifications in Lean and Six Sigma. These competencies are also useful in faster growth once you join industry.

Lean 6 Sigma approaches are practiced by all leading companies across industries - Software, KPO, BPO, Call Centers, Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, and Manufacturing etc.

Why Lean Six Sigma for Students?

Some of the realities students are facing today:

  • Competition is high (more graduates and less jobs)
  • Companies expect results from day one
  • All graduates are not Employable


    Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are large in number and they do not have sufficient training resources like large multi-nationals. SMEs are looking for people who can contribute from day one, without much on-the-job training. Lean Sigma skills are very useful in such competitive environments.

    Several studies highlight that majority of the graduates are not suitable for employment. They do not have necessary skills. The graduation or post-graduation is not sufficient to meet the industry requirement so they have to undergo training, therefore having a Professional Certification, such as Lean and Six Sigma adds more value to the resume.

    When is the Right time?

    Students should complete any of these certifications well before going for their internships/summer projects. The summer project can be done as a Six Sigma or Lean project. ISL mentors provide step-by-step guidance during project implementation. You can submit the same project to complete your graduation or post-graduation as well as completing professional certification in Lean or Six Sigma.

    Project Guidance

    IQF-Certified Master Black Belt will provide step-by-step project guidance online using the specially designed tool e-Facilitator.

    The student has to approach any company and seek permission to do his/her project. ISL does not provide any assistance in selecting a company or project. Students are encouraged to take the support of placement services available from their College, Institution or University.

    ISL does not require any letter from the company or college related to the project. The same project can be submitted to the college or university to fulfill the project requirement for the graduation or post-graduation studies.


    Doing a live project is optional for the above certifications. IQF Certification can also be completed without the project - since it will be based on passing the IQF exam. However, doing a project enhances the learning and experience. Students not able to do the project during the graduation or post-graduation can also do the project after joining a company.

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